OET2: Listening subset structures A, B and C

OET2: Listening subset structures A, B and C
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“Nothing in this universe is permanent except CHANGE”………change has to be accepted as a veritable sign of progress.
Most of you are aware that the OET Online coaching test format is changing from September 2018 and if your date falls after 9th September, you are probably apprehensive of your exam outcome with the changed pattern.

YES!!! The updated Occupational English Test will take effect on 9 September 2018.

The Listening and Reading modules have changed quite a bit, especially taking into account the scoring pattern and the way the questions have been set. But, the GOOD NEWS is that it has become easier and more in tune with current scenarios that we come across in daily life in a healthcare set up. So, the paradigm of ‘understanding’ the extracts now shifts to the ‘Key’ or to the assessment rubrics.

Nothing to be apprehensive about….. Rest assured…….expert guidance like that provided at Acumen, will make the new format just as easy to understand, process and answer.

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How are OET2 results rubrics being updated?

From September 2018, results for the four sub-tests that make up OET (Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking) will be reported on a scale from 0 to 500, alongside the usual OET grades (A to E).

Why the new OET 2 updates to the way OET exams were conducted so successfully in the past?

The OET team takes great pride in staying abreast with the times and as technology advances, it follows that the day-to-day scenarios in health care settings are also changing. It then follows that the test pattern should also change and include these changing scenarios to make the test giver better prepared to face similar situations.

Scores are thus, now reported to provide more detail, so that both, the test givers and the organizations hiring them and that recognize OET (healthcare regulatory boards, immigration departments and so on) get what they want.

By including a numerical score alongside the A to E grade, not only the hiring organisations but also the test givers get a more clear and in-depth view of the performance in each sub-test.

What will be updated in the Listening sub-test from September?

The updated Listening sub-test structure in OET 2 will now consist of 3 parts instead of 2 parts with a total of 42 question items. The total length of the listening audio is about 40 minutes, including recorded speech, and pauses to allow you time to write your answers; so it will now take 45 minutes to complete instead of the earlier 60 minutes.

You will hear the recorded speech of the listening test or the recording only once and will be expected to write your answers as you are listening. The listening sub-test structure of the NEW OET 2 now includes three shorter sub sections instead of the earlier, longer 2 sections as follows:


Section Duration & Proforma Task Target for Scoring Rubrics
Part A


Two separate shorter consultations between a healthcare professional and a patient. (May also include a consultation between 2 health professionals)

24 total questions, 12 for each part.15 minutes

(9 minutes of Audio)

This task assesses your ability to identify specific information during a consultation, wherein you listen to a recording of a health professional conversing with a patient, generally, but another health professional about a patient occasionally and you will be expected to complete the health professional’s notes using this information that you have heard, processed, interpreted, accurately.
Part B


Six short dialogues or monologues in workplace settings. (Accents introduced in this new test are much more varied.)

10 minutes

This task assesses the ability to identify the detail, gist, opinion and/or purpose of the short monologue extracts being heard; these can include team briefings, handovers, or health professional-patient dialogues.  Only one multiple choice question (MCQ) will be asked for every extract heard.
Part C


Two long presentations or interviews with health professionals.

15 minutes

This task assesses the ability to follow a recorded presentation or interview and identify the several ranges of accessible healthcare topics of modern-day scenarios. Six multiple choice questions each for two such extracts will be given.
TOTAL 40 to 45 minutes  


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