About Teacher

The Teacher

Mrs.Priya Shah has studied medical science and had the opportunity to work at Lilavati Hospitals and research center, Mumbai, one of the world-class hospitals in India. Working at a hospital meant especially for celebrities, top politicians and members of the royal families world over, she soon realized how crucial it is to be proficient in English for the health professionals who wish to work in the international health set-up.

However, for some reasons she had to quit the health profession and then she started teaching English at a language learning center due to her affection for English. She trained students for International language proficiency tests such as IELTS, TOEFL, PTE though deep in her heart she always wanted to help healthcare professionals achieving English proficiency. Mrs. Priya had always dreamt of starting a Language learning center for Healthcare professionals, considering the ever-increasing demand for medical and paramedics professionals worldwide.

In 2014, when she migrated to Ahmedabad, Gujarat, her destiny was waiting for her. She received an opportunity to train students for OET[Occupational English Test], test specially designed to assess the language proficiency of healthcare professionals who wish to work in an English-speaking environment.

Mrs.Priya is a dynamic lady who possesses the strength to materialize the dreams which may seem infeasible or rather insane to others. With her certification from American TESOL university, she has developed unique teaching methods, tailored accordingly to suit the need of candidates with different academic and intellectual capacity.

She owns a rare combination of expertise; Medicine and English and therefore, has the ability to teach  not only  the nuances of English language but also the art of achieving higher patient satisfaction level which is based to a great extent on their encounter with patients:the etiquette, cultural aspect, maintaining the decorum of the profession and human touch to name a few.

We strongly recommend that you should enrol in our courses at least 1 month prior to your scheduled OET Examination