Privacy Policy


This policy is related to the personal information you provide while using this website.

Protecting your Privacy

Acumen understands that confidentiality and security of personal information of our users, and we are committed to protecting your privacy.

Personal Information

Personal information about visitors and users of our site is collected during registration to our site. This information is used only for providing personalised service to the user during the preparation for OET


The information will not be disclosed to any other students or outside parties. Copies of correspondence sent from the Acumen website are stored only for record-keeping and backup purpose only.

Payment and Credit-card

Acumen is a secured website and uses CC Avenue as our payment gateway. CC Avenue is trusted and secured provider of electronic payment via online. Credit card payment are secured by a SSL certificate which secured your credit card transaction by encrypting credit card and personal information. Payment of our course is processed by CC Avenue and when payment is successful then we will have access for part of the information such as Name, Email address, Country and Amount. Acumen does not have access to the credit card details.



Terms & Condition

Using this website indicates that you accept the terms and conditions as mentioned below.


By using this site, you agree that this website and its associated images and content, are copyright of Acumen and the only Acumen has the right to use them. This applies to the resources available on the websites.

  1. Video Content
  2. Course Strategies
  3. Quizzes

Practice test and Audio files of the particular test is officially provided from OET Preliminary Shared Library for the Acumen students only.

You further agree and acknowledge:

  • You will access this website for your personal purposes only for completing the Acumen online course.
  • Acumen takes infringement of any intellectual property and copyright seriously, and severe action and penalties will be levied in such case.

Personal Use

This material is for personal use and cannot be shared with any other person. You can not share your login details with any other person. Failure to do so may lead to discontinuation of course with no refunds.

Refund and Cancellation

Once payment has been made, and the user has started accessing the resources, no refunds will be granted. If a candidate cancels the course without accessing any course content within 7 days of admission, a cancellation fee of Rs 5000 only will be deducted and balance will be refunded.  Other circumstances will be decided as per the individual case.


All the content and resource on the website has been used to help the candidates for preparation of the Occupational English Test. The material and resources provided are for educational purpose only. Acumen is Premium Preparation Provider and is not affiliated with OET centre.

Other Website Link

Links of the other website mentioned in the resources are provided to support candidates for study purpose only. Acumen doesn’t monitor and review the third-party website and does not accept any liability for the use of those websites.

We strongly recommend that you should enrol in our courses at least 1 month prior to your scheduled OET Examination