What will be updated in the listening module of the new OET-2 ?

What will be updated in the listening module of the new OET-2 ?

As we keep reiterating, “Nothing in this universe is permanent except CHANGE”………change has to be accepted as a veritable sign of progress.

If you are a healthcare professional aspiring to work or study in healthcare in the UK,  Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Ukraine, Dubai, Singapore or Namibia, the  English proficiency test, OET , designed for the healthcare sector, specifically is  probably what you are preparing for or are already prepared for.

Most of you will then, also be aware that the OET test format is changing from September 2018. If your date falls after 9th September, most of you will also be apprehensive of the new updated OET format and its impact on your results.

YES!!! The updated Occupational English Test will take effect on the 9th of  September 2018 and both the LISTENING and READING test structures have noteworthy changes that one must be aware of.  Even the ASSESSMENT RUBRICS criteria has changed to some extent.

Not many changes are made in the Spoken or Written modules, but the Listening and Reading modules have changed and ‘understanding’ the extracts is now the ‘Key’ to the assessment rubrics. A few changes and a lot of guidance in your study will make the new format just as easy to answer and that is what we at Acumen provide.

What will be updated in the OET LISTENING TEST and the listening sub-test structure from September ?

 The Listening sub-test structure will be:

  • shorter,
  • feature a broader range of accents and
  • focus more on professional-to-professional interaction e.g. a doctor to doctor conversation.

The main changes that are glaringly obvious are therefore in the structure of the OET listening test. Whereas OET 1 consisted of 2 parts of a total of 50 minutes, OET  2 listening sub test structure now consists of 3 parts of a total of only 40-45 minutes. Therefore, the test is now of a shorter duration though the number of sub tests in the section are more.

Also, in OET 2, the part C though similar to the older part B, will again be shorter and only have multiple choice questions to answer.

As per the old OET listening test, you will still be tested on your ability to follow facts during a consultation and understand a short talk. The structure of the sub test has however been changed/modified to meet the current –world changing scenarios.

In the current test, the part A focuses on taking notes whereas in the updated test, the patient centered excerpts will be heard and followed by answering more or less in sentence form; the questions will be heavily scaffolded and divided into headings and sub headings, more like multiple choice questions rather than in note form. Answers are always heard in the recording and not implied. Spelling & grammar mistakes are acceptable to some extent.

So, in a nut shell, the new OET Listening sub-test will take about 45 minutes and include three briefer sections as follows:

Section Duration Task
Part A 15 minutes

(9 minutes of Audio)

Two separate shorter consultations between a healthcare professional and a patient. (May also include a consultation between 2 health professionals)

24 total questions, 12 for each part.

Part B 10 minutes Six short dialogues or monologues in workplace settings. (Accents introduced in this new test are much more varied.)
Part C 15 minutes Two long presentations or interviews with health professionals.
TOTAL 40 to 45 minutes  


Follow our blog for detailed information of each part …..WATCH THIS SPOT FOR OET 2 September 2018 Test Updates…………


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