What are the points to remember to pass the OET exam?

What are the points to remember to pass the OET exam?

Occupational English test or the OET is a test conducted to assess the English language speaking capability of people involved in the healthcare profession. Now officially OET will commence on September 2018.

Naturally the existing will end up in August. Now the dilemma is if you are unable to clear off the test and if you are skeptical regarding the B marks nothing to ponder as you can reserve the seat for the upcoming test in the month of September.

What should you practice for the OET?

  • Primarily you should look for the vital changes in the category of both reading and listening. This is because the new edition consists of three sections other than two. And this has been incorporated in a new category as section B.
  • Next, in the listening section, you need to concentrate on what your patient is speaking about. Again important three sections have been made which lay emphasis on the opinion and attitude of the patients.
  • Lastly, in the speaking category, no such remarkable changes are made. Here you need to pen down a discharge letter in regards to the patient. But need to make sure that the word count should be between 180 to 200.

What to do in case of issues with reading?
First of all, note that the latest OET version is quite improvised and lots of modifications are done. If you are getting hitched with long verses then certainly lots of practice is required as long texts are a new addition to section A.

Although the new version of OET is not limited to bombastic medical terms which were a common one in the previous test, this revised edition emphasis more on attitude.

How to deal with the listening problem?
Well, you need to be on a consistent practice mode as the latest OET has multiple languages which need to be mastered.

How to nail on reading and writing?
Well, again this section needs practice as no such changes are seen in this category. Especially you need to learn to combine thoughts so that you can concoct a composed letter easily.

Advice for doctors
For doctors, if the issue lies with reading and listening then rigorous practice needed with the improvised OET.

Suggestions for nurses
If you want to take the test once again then practice the unknown areas as the main challenges lie in the domain of listening and reading.


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