The consultations between a patient and health professionals:

In this part, students listen to an audio of consultations which are pre- recorded in diffrent health set-ups such as at a hospital or a community health centre. Both the health professionals and the patients are from the differnt parts of the world and therefore, have different cultural background, lifestyle,philosophy and ascent too. This provides practise of listening and comprehending advance English. Being able to understand your patient’s language can help a great deal in achiveing higher patient satisfaction level because if you can not communicate effectively with your client you might end up misunderstanding his problem.

The Academic lectures:

Participating in cummulative training such as seminars and conferences meant for providing updated knowledge have become mandatory in this ever changing medical industry.This course involves listening practise of academic lectures conducted by health experts at their native pace and ascent.After completion of CEMP you will never have to feel embarrassed or lost while attending such sessions.